The 20th (!) Acro-Building Holidays will take place from july 11 – july 22  2023

(and in august the 7th Hungarian Acro Convention will be held)

Ten days of Acrobuilding for 100 euro!

If you are interested in these low budget holidays, contact me for more information. I am planning to make a swimming pool / natural pond and there are lots of small projects alongside in which you can participate. There is something to do for everyone’s taste.
Arrival on tuesday the 11th of july (from 16:00 h). The program starts on wednesday the 12th. This is the daily schedule:
  • work in the morning from 9:00 to 13:00 h
  • acro lessons from 16:00 to 20:00 h
  • freshly cooked food and leisure in the remaining time

There will be no work or teaching on sunday. We celebrate the last evening together at friday and clean up together on saturday 22 in the morning until 12.00 h.

Participants are camping on the venue. We will be taking turns in cooking for the whole group. There are various kinds of construction / repair work to be done. In recent years we constructed a roof to do acro in sunshine and rain.

You can get an impression of the past acro-building holidays on facebook

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Pictures by Catalin Munteanu and Helene Stafleu