In 2003 I traveled through Europe, looking for a place for myself and curious about this part of the world, which had been hidden behind the iron curtain for so long. In Mik├│falva I found the rolling landscape back and the clay soil from my youth. The Hungarians intrigued me, with their very own history.
So it happened that in the winter of 2004 I became the owner of these houses and this property, which had to be renovated. I had many ideas but little money. This is why I started the acro building holidays. House and terrain have since been improved step by step, in a unique and personal way.

I am a social-psychologist and have been working as a coach and consultant since the late nineteen seventies. For 30 years now, I have been teaching acrobatics as well, in weekly training groups, on conventions and on other occasions. I started my acrobatic career in the “school” of the Dutch Como-Brothers, but many other teachers had their influence too.

From 1985-1995 I performed with the acrobatic trio “Drie Hoog Achter” in streets and festivals in western Europe. With “de Tuymelaeren van Mahou” we performed in mediaeval settings.

I am combining acrobatics with my skills as a social-psychologist, for instance in my teambuilding work and in the so called “acro-talk-show”. In 2012 my first book on acrobatics was published.